OLED is emerging as the new technology for thin panel displays. It can be used for mp3 players, cell phones, digital cameras or hand-held gaming devices. The field of applications for OLED displays has a wide scale.

According to a report of Maxim Group revenues will rise from 600 million dollars in 2005 to more than five billion dollars by 2009. Other reports have shown that the total number of sold OLED units grew up to over fifty percent in the past year. It is expected that this number will rise up to 80 or 90 percent in the following year.

One of the future visions is to roll out OLEDs or to stick them up like post-it notes. Another vision is the transparent windows which would function like a regular window by day. At night it could be switched on and become a light source. This could be possible because OLED allows transparent displays and light sources.

Blue light is a limiting factor of organic light-emitting diodes. Blue organic material degrades over time, red and green does also, but the process is faster for blue material.

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